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Welcome to WH30K, a haven for GW’s Horus Heresy fans. My journey into the Warhammer universe started early like so many aspirants. While walking past a Games Workshop store in Cardiff, I like so many others was drawn in by the intricately painted models displayed in the window. This was the time before grimdark when brightly coloured boxes were the order of the day (those original Necromunda boxes were a wild neon fever dream). This led to my first purchase—a set of plastic Bretonnian bowmen that came as part of a paint set. While my initial painting attempt left much to be desired, the experience kindled a passion that has lasted over 20 years.

Like many others I took a hiatus from the hobby during my mid-teens, but returned to it as an adult, finding the allure of miniature painting and tactical gameplay impossible to resist. Having returned to the fold at the tail end of 7th edition 40k, HH always held an appeal and with the release of 2nd edition, I finally made the leap into the Horus Heresy setting, collecting armies of Thousand Sons and Space Wolves (both of which you’ll frequently see dotted around the site).

I created this blog to serve as a comprehensive resource for fellow Horus Heresy fans. Here, you’ll find various articles ranging from tactical advice and in-depth reviews to painting and modelling guides. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, I hope this blog enriches your Horus Heresy experience as much as the game has enriched mine.

Thank you for visiting, and remember Magnus did nothing wrong!

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Ed Roberts